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Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

"From the health benefits, cruelty to farm animals because of corporate farming, the massive pollution created by the big agri-business, the myths of eating meat need to be exposed. I'm a life-long vegetarian, never eaten meat.You don't need meat to be strong, kick ass and be athletically competitive. In fact a plant based diet is healthier, and burns cleaner in the body. It's time to get the word out."


Triathlete, firefighter, and author of the New York Times best-selling book, The Engine 2 Diet

"John Joseph has more energy than the Tasmanian Devil, is more charismatic than Regis, and has led more lives than an alley cat. He's a true rebel rouser with a cause that is noble, true, and timely. The plant-strong message he is pushing will turn heads, open eyes, and rock worlds. Go John"