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Author of Skinny Bitch and Skinny Bastard

"Make no mistake: If you mess with him, John Joseph will break a bottle over your head, beat you with a chain, or pound you senseless with his fists. He has lived a life few could even imagine, let alone survive. So if you measure a man by his grit, it's safe to say that John Joseph is as tough as they come. And I'm not gonna lie, it's totally hot that he's such a badass. But what really gets me going is that this shredded beast is a vegan - he doesn't eat any animal products. Huge turn-on. Meat is for Pussies will completely transform your mind, body, and life. It'll also score you major ass with hot vegan chicks."


"I’m really glad that John Joseph is finally showing that vegans are some of the strongest, healthiest, and toughest people on the planet. I mean, everyone wants to be thin and healthy and live long lives, but people still eat meat? That’s insane."